Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Birthday Cake Edible Image Barbie

Birthday Cake Edible Image Barbie Ai-sha Puchong Jaya

Happy bithday Pang Carmen !! Happy 4th Birthday with Barbie Singing and playing guitar. Probably singing a birthday song for Pang !! Purple buttercream border cake deco lives up the matches the theme picture ya ? colourful cake is what kids want for their birthday party...Pang and her friends must have been thrilled to see this cake. You  can make your daughter happy can choose many barbie pictures in the internet...send to me via e-mail and i'll print and bake a special birthday cake for her.

I have done many barbie birthday cakes before...please see below for my earlier orders.
5th Birthday Round Cake with Edible Image Barbie  - Oh ...girls love pink..Barbie and her friend dancing in the middle of the cake. Pink cake borders deco around the perimeter of the round cake. Just lit up the Happy Birthday candles and  your daughter will beam with a big smile on her face.

This  Barbie Birthday Cake and Cupcake was for Samantha A big Barbie picture smiling to
Samantha and her friends. Buttercream drawing - Pink Butterflies, candles, ice cream and bithday gift deco on each cupcakes to accompany Samantha's birthday cake.

This Barbie Princess Charm School Birthday cake is for Puteri Anis Maisarah. Similar pink buttercream borders around Anis's Birthday cake. White buttercream background with Barbie small size pictures arounf the cake at the cake sides.


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